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Vegetable Patch
Fuz Designs working in garden

Hey there!
I'm Lauren McRae.

Brand Designer. Gardener. Runner. Biscuit addict.

A little snippet about me

I really do live and breath farming and sustainable living and that's why I love working with farmers, growers and permies on building their businesses.

Back in 2009 while studying Juvenile Justice at uni, I met a very handsome dairy farmer.
Fast track to 2013, a big year for us - we moved back to his family farm and got married.
A whirlwind few years saw the realisation that working in juvenile justice in a small country town was just not possible. So I turned back to my early passions, what I loved to do, what I always enjoyed doing and that was designing... and gardening.

Our life looks like this today: we dairy farm, we grow veggies, we raise chooks and we live as simply as is realistic with two little farm kids running about.

Some people call it self-sufficiency or permaculture or homesteading. I think my preferred term for what we do in our home is homesteading. It has a cosy, open and inviting feel to it.
For me, homesteading means growing, making, baking, doing what you can yourself and embracing the community around you in which you can share, learn and grow with.
As much as I'd love to do all the things, it definitely is not realistic. But if we can shift our consumer needs away from supermarkets and source our food local then that will have a big impact on our own personal satisfaction, global food demand and bring focus and support back to our own communities.

Fuz Designs farm and chickens
Sunset over farm

And so, with our love for farming, growing and homesteading well under way, I turned my focus to building a business in 2017. I had found a way to channel my creativity into a design service that would help farmers and growers just like us.

Working with me, not only means that you're working with a graphic designer, it means you're working with someone who understands the business of farming, the demands of growing and the highs and lows of crop survival.

So, are you ready to see your business dream come true?

Let's get growing.


fuz [fuhz or fuzz]


My business name has a simple origin. Owner & Graphic Designer Lauren McRae’s maiden name is Fuz.

No really, it is.

Are you ready to get your hands dirty?

Jump straight in to the design details and find out how you can grow your brand with me today!

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