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Environmental Statement


At Fuz Designs, I’m passionate about reducing my impact on the environment and strive to take the most sustainable actions in every aspect of the business. I am committed to playing my part in repairing our planet’s health and supporting local and global communities.


I am committed to sourcing print companies with a strong environmental and sustainability commitment who offer printing with vegetable-based inks and 100% recycled paper.


I aim to reduce waste wherever possible. I prioritise the use of recycled and recyclable supplies and avoid office printing wherever possible. Reusable items such as coffee cups, drink bottles and plastic-free products are always used.


I am committed to minimising my footprint on this earth by adopting sustainable practices at work and in my home life. As much as possible, our family grows vegetables, has chooks for eggs, milk from the dairy and beef from the paddock. We compost, recycle and reuse what we can. We bake, ferment and cook as much as possible. I am passionate about self-sufficient living and believe it is small but impactful actions that work towards global environmental protection.

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