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The Full Story

Joshua Gilbert


The Brief

Joshua is an Indigenous Consultant, Agriculturist and Innovator, so we needed to create a brand that spoke to his audiences.

The brief was to create a brand that was strong and focused, committed and grassroots.
We focused on a natural colour palette of greens and wheaten hues.  The brand icons created represented the natural beauty of Worimi land - river, sea, farming land, the Bucketts Mountains, Bass and the Antarctic Beech tree.

The Brand

Joshua's brand strategy included creating the logo suite, brand icons, an email signature, style guide and social media templates to use interchangeably.



"Thanks for all your work - it's brilliant and I only have really positive things to say - I'm super impressed!

Joshua Gilbert

Love what you see? Come work with me!

If you’re ready to find out more about which brand package best suits your needs, you can download my price list here.


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